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PSTViewer Pro worked really well for us to be able to take a bunch of eml files and convert them to pdfs for our attorneys. The interface is simple and support was very helpful. There were a few emails that it couldn't convert due to large attachments, but outside of that it saved me having to convert each one individually. 
Feb 10 2023
I am pleased with PST Viewer Lite. It is easy to use. It works well. Tech support is very responsive. 
Dec 23 2022
Well worth the money and perfect for my legal case. 
Jul 18 2022
PSTViewer Pro is the best PST viewing application available period. I have been using it for several years now, and am yet to find a better alternative. From its neat user interface to all the features it comes in, PST Viewer Pro remains the best. Sure, it is pricier than the other applications available, but then the application is well worth that initial cost. 
May 9 2022
A small but fine company with a clearly structured product page, clear and tidy software tools that are therefore very user-friendly and incredibly personal support.

In response to a request from me, I received a video personally created for me, in which I was personally welcomed. In the video, all explanations were then presented slowly and comprehensibly. All conceivable processing steps were presented.

I have therefore already personally thanked the company. 

Mar 10 2022
I needed to convert many large PST files to PDF files. I tried 3 different programs. 2 of the 2 choked and died, the third MailDex, worked FLAWLESSLY! I worked with the other 2 companies “Advanced Support” many hours and they could not resolve the issues. Not the case with MailDex again, it just worked! Customer support at Encryptomatic is AMAZING. When I had a question, the Support Manager actually called me within 5 minutes!! I Highly recommended their software and Encryptomatic! 
Oct 15 2021
The program does just what I needed it to do. The support Encryptomatic when I had a problem with activation was superlative (as in, actual human people answering my calls). Very impressed.  
Oct 5 2021
Purchased the PSTViewer and it is simple to use. There is a 15 day free trial and I tried it first before I purchased the product. I didn't need the 15 days to try it since it was so easy to use and was exactly the product I wanted to back up emails along with the attachments. 
Sep 10 2021
I think PstViewer is a great product with a clean user interface and high-level productive standards. 
Jun 16 2021
Very good software, well worth a purchase. 
United Kingdom
Jun 11 2021
Great tool, saved a lot of time. Software well worth the money.  
Mar 24 2021
save much of my time. Good software. 
Hong Kong
Mar 4 2021
PSTViewer Pro is excellent. I needed a sotware to read the emails stored on my computer. PST is the ideal choice. 
Dec 27 2020
PstViewer Pro does everything I need it to do. It allows me to find, view and print individual emails within a 1.8 GB, 25K email .pst file quickly and easily. I considered converting everything to PDFs (easy to do) but decided to just leave the emails as a pst file.  
Dec 8 2020
PSTViewer Lite worked perfectly for me.

I was able to search through roughly 100,000 emails dating back to 2008, find exactly what I needed, and save them as pdf's easily, all for a very reasonable price.

Highly recommended.

Tech support is always right there as well if needed and is very responsive.


Nov 24 2020
Excellent outlook reviewing software with an easy tool to convert multiple files to PDF (which is what I was specifically looking for). 
Steve H
Aug 20 2020
PstViewer Pro worked exactly as advertised - plus some. Its ability to customize the export routines is extremely useful. Excellent product, and Antonio promptly replied with extremely helpful information to answer my questions.
Thank You! 

Aug 15 2020
The pstviewer product worked perfectly for our needs. We extracted thousands of emails out to PDF format from a prior use PST file in support of a case. It was easy to install and use and did exactly what the company said it would. Thanks! 
Jul 19 2020
I love this product and recommend it to many law firms that need a simple tool for reviewing email and exporting to PDF. Such a reasonable price, too!  
Jul 9 2020
This software is a Godsend!! I needed to preserve a zillion emails as PDFs and was going to "print to pdf" each one until I found Encryptomatic.

Antonio helped me through some special tricks to customize the export so the date of the email and folder name could be included in the naming protocol. He was extremely helpful!!!!!

This project took me about an hour instead of....I cringe thinking about how long it would have taken without Encryptomatic.


Jun 29 2020

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