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The SiteTrust Network, launched in May 2007, helps online merchants increase visitor confidence in their websites. At the same time, we enable online shoppers to make more informed purchase decisions.

One of our core services is the provision of Trust Seals that approved merchants can display on their website. Visitors can click on our seal to view a verification report, which provides a summary of the website in question.

As well as Trust Seals, the SiteTrust Network also provides validated customer feedback services to our merchants. This feature is optional, but it enables website owners to provide customers with reliable, trustworthy feedback that is administered by a third party. Merchants can display the feedback directly on their website through the use of our feedback feeds. Merchants can also elect to restrict feedback submitters to previous customers only.

The SiteTrust Network is owned and operated by Walshaw Internet Services. Our other network sites include Walshaw.com Webmaster Resources and Vadmark.com. Walshaw Internet Services is based in Sydney, Australia, and operates as a legal business entity; ABN: 43 549 443 349.

You can contact the SiteTrust Network here.

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