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The SiteTrust Network provides trust seals and optional customer feedback services to approved online merchants. We provide a single membership package that provides access to all of our features, although use of our feedback services is optional.

Membership costs USD $59.00 per year. A 10% Goods and Services Tax (GST) is applied to accounts registered in Australia. Payments can be made by credit card or by Paypal. Merchants must satisfy our website criteria to be accepted. Those who are not accepted will receive a full refund.

Approved websites receive access to the following services:

Trust Seal Services

Access to Trust Seals

A range of trust seal images are available to display your SiteTrust Network membership. These seals can be clicked on to verify your membership status. Click on one of the seals below to view a sample verification report. A sample report without feedback can be viewed here.

We provide a modules and installation instructions for a range of shopping cart software.

SiteTrust Network   SiteTrust Network   SiteTrust Network  Sample SiteTrust Network seal  

Optional Feedback Services

These features are optional, but are provided at no extra cost. Merchants can toggle the feedback features on and off using the merchant account area.

Validated Customer Feedback

Approved merchants can enable visitors to view and submit customer feedback. This feedback is monitored and administered by us. All feedback is filtered then checked by a member of our staff prior to being published. Merchants can post responses to feedback that they consider to be unreasonable. Merchants can also elect to restrict feedback to previous customers only.

View a sample verification page with feedback

View a sample feedback report

Direct Feedback Feeds

Rather than have visitors come to us to view feedback, merchants can display customer feedback directly on their website. This is achieved through the use of our direct feedback feeds. Both iframe and XML solutions are available. Visitors can use links provided within the feed to view more feedback or submit feedback of their own.

Modules and instructions are available for a range of shopping cart software.

Screenshot of feedback feed on a CS-Cart store

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