Acceptance Criteria

This page outlines the criteria that every website must meet prior to being accepted by the SiteTrust Network.

If you submit an application but fail to meet one of the criterion below, you will be notified of the changes required for acceptance and you will have the opportunity to make those changes prior to requesting a review of your application. Alternatively, you can request a full refund.

  • Communication
    The web site must provide adequate means by which its visitors can communicate with support staff. This can include online support forms and forums, phone/fax numbers, an email address, and online live support. The number of support channels that should be available will depend on the nature of the website.
  • Ease of Use
    The web site must be laid out clearly and be easy to navigate. If applicable the shopping cart system must be stable and reliable.
  • Information & Transparency
    The web site must clearly describe the nature of its goods & services. Where applicable, the site should also provide information concerning its owners & operators.
  • Terms & Conditions
    Where applicable, the web site should have a page that clearly describes the terms and conditions of use for the web site, along with relevant disclaimers. The terms and conditions should be considered reasonable.
  • Privacy Policy
    Where applicable, the web site should have a page that clearly describes its privacy policy. The privacy policy should be considered reasonable.
  • Security
    If the web site sells goods or services online, it should take adequate measures to protect the financial details of its customers. If the web site collects and stores details from its visitors, it should take adequate measures to protect the stored information.
  • Legality
    The website and the website owner cannot break any local or international laws. This includes spam and copyright laws. The products & services must be genuine. The web site must not provide any intentionally misleading information or services.

SiteTrust Network reserves the right to change and update our criteria without notice. SiteTrust also reserves the right to deny a web site for reasons not included above. More information can be found in our terms & conditions.

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