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Why SiteTrust Network?

The SiteTrust Network service arose out of personal experience as an online consumer and as a web site owner.

Many people prefer to buy products from auction sites like eBay rather than through small online stores. This preference centers around the feedback ratings provided by online auction sites.

When purchasing printer refill ink from eBay, one can view the feedback history and comments concerning the seller prior to making a purchase decision. The feedback system is transparent and reliable, as it is virtually impossible for the seller to tamper with his/her feedback rating.

The same does not apply to online stores - particularly those that do not have physical stores or prior history with the customer. Despite 'testimonial' pages that some online stores publish, there is no easy way to gauge the customer satisfaction of previous consumers. For all you know, the site has had thousands of satisfied customers - or none.

SiteTrust Network serves to reduce uncertainty faced by visitors to online stores that they are not familiar with. By providing a third party report of the site, along with customer feedback that is monitored and administered by a third party, online merchants can increase customer confidence in their trustworthiness and reliability. This can lead to increased sales and larger purchases.

Because SiteTrust Network web sites must meet our pre-established criteria, as an online merchant and member of the SiteTrust Network, you can be confident that your site will associated with quality online stores and services. All approved sites are featured in our approved merchants directory.

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