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Restricted feedback coming soon

August 22, 2007

Based on the concern expressed by some merchants that competitors may submit erroneous feedback, the SiteTrust Network will soon enable members to select between restricted and unrestricted feedback. This feature will come into action sometime next week.

When restricted feedback is turned on, visitors will have to input a feedback code (as chosen by you) in order to submit feedback. You can provide the code to your customers through email correspondence and/or your member's area. This enables you to restrict feedback submissions to those who have made a purchase from you in the past. The restricted feedback code can be changed at any time in the merchant account area.

When restricted feedback is turned off, any visitor to your site and to our network will be able to submit feedback. This is the default setting, and it will apply to all current merchant sites. Starting next week, all new applicants will have the ability to select a setting, while existing merchants will be able to change the setting in the Merchant Area.

You will be able toggle on and off this setting at any time by logging into the Merchant Area and selecting View Details next to your site name. This setting will only apply for merchants that have visitor feedback turned on. Let us know if you have any questions.

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