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SCAM ALERT: 2008 Bejing Olympics Ticket Scams

August 3, 2008

The SiteTrust Network would like to issue a warning to all online shoppers that the websites and are scams. These services are selling Beijing Olympics tickets that simply do not exist.

We recommend that you only purchase tickets from the official ticket provider. One rule of thumb for online shopping is to always run a web search on the domain name of an online store before making a purchase. Search results for scam sites are often littered with scam warnings and alerts.

Please note that has been taken offline, while as of August 3 2008, is still active.

Victims of these scams should contact their local authorities. More details and support can be found at

Below is a current list of known scams. Please contact us if you know of any others. (now closed) (now closed) (now closed)

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