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Nov 10 2008 :: CS-Cart Implementation Instructions Now Available

Implementation instructions to display a SiteTrust Network trust seal and a feedback feed on a CS-Cart store are now available.

These instructions don't require any file uploads or modifications to the store's source code. The SiteTrust Network features are installed using CS-Cart admin.

The CS-Cart instructions can be viewed here. Below is a preview of the SiteTrust Network seal and feedback feed on a demo CS-Cart store. Click on the image for a larger version.

Preview of a demo cart store with SiteTrust Network featured installed

Instructions for other e-commerce software can be found in the Modules section [login required].


Oct 17 2008 :: Dynamic Trust Seals Now Available

The SiteTrust Network is pleased to announce the launch of dynamic trust seal images. These dynamic seals are provided in addition to the standard images previously offered. The dynamic seals have the benefit of enabling visitors to validate a website's membership status without having to click on the seal.

The dynamic images display standard Trust Seals with customized verification text below them. This text is chosen by the member and can consist of the date, the website's average feedback rating, the website's URL, or a combination of the above. In addition to choosing the text, members can select from a range of trust seal color schemes.

Sample seals for our Fictional site 'Widgets Central' are shown below.

SiteTrust Network Approved

SiteTrust Network Approved

SiteTrust Network Approved

We can be quite flexible with the verification text, so members are encouraged to submit requests.

To obtain dynamic image text, simply go to the Trust Seal Code section of your member account and fill out the code generator form.

Switching to a new dynamic trust seal is completely optional. Contact support if you require assistance setting up a dynamic seal.


Aug 03 2008 :: SCAM ALERT: 2008 Bejing Olympics Ticket Scams

The SiteTrust Network would like to issue a warning to all online shoppers that the websites and are scams. These services are selling Beijing Olympics tickets that simply do not exist.

We recommend that you only purchase tickets from the official ticket provider. One rule of thumb for online shopping is to always run a web search on the domain name of an online store before making a purchase. Search results for scam sites are often littered with scam warnings and alerts.

Please note that has been taken offline, while as of August 3 2008, is still active.

Victims of these scams should contact their local authorities. More details and support can be found at

Below is a current list of known scams. Please contact us if you know of any others. (now closed) (now closed) (now closed)


Jul 11 2008 :: SCAM ALERT: displays a SiteTrust Network trust seal image but this domain was never approved by the SiteTrust Network. We believe that is potentially a scam. Do not make a purchase from this store.

To verify that a SiteTrust Network trust seal is valid, click on the seal image and view the corresponding seal verification report. Check that the website details in the report match the website in question. Also, make sure the link to the store in the verification report takes you back to the same website.

Never trust a seal image that does not contain a link to the SiteTrust Network.

If you are ever in doubt concerning the authenticity of a merchant's membership, please don't hesitate to contact us.


Jun 12 2008 :: PHP5 and ASP Direct Feedback Code

SiteTrust Network members can display visitor feedback directly on merchant websites. This can be achieved through the simple iframe code or for more advanced developers, through RSS feeds.

For merchants who wish to take advantage of the RSS feedback feeds, sample PHP 5 and ASP implementation code is now available in addition to the existing PHP 4 code.

The code is available for both the feedback comments feed and the feedback summary feed.

The ASP code assists web developers on Windows hosting platforms with implementing the RSS feedback, while the PHP 5 sample code enables web developers with PHP 5 capable hosting to take advantage of the SimpleXML extension.

The PHP 4 code has also been updated with images such as replacing the existing 5 / 5 text format. Additional instructions have also been added to the source code.

Members can edit the code to suit individual needs. Members can learn more about the our direct feedback feed services by logging into the account area and selecting 'Direct Feedback Feeds' in the Merchant Options panel.

Let us know if you have any questions regarding implementation.


May 22 2008 :: Email Notice: Add Us To Your Safe List

Some members have found that our email correspondence has been delivered to their spam/junk mail folder. To ensure that you receive all correspondence from the SiteTrust Network, we recommend you add the email address to your email safe list.

In many email clients this simply involves adding our email address to your address book.

This is especially important for those who have, or are about to, submit an application for membership.

Contact support if you have any questions.


Mar 31 2008 :: Site Thumbnail Issues in Report & Directory

As some of you may have noticed, we have been experiencing intermittent issues with our website thumbnail images. The thumbnail utility is provided by a third party, so we're at the mercy of their operational status.

After temporarily removing the thumbnail images from report and directory listings pages, we have provided a work around to avoid the display of errors should the third party service fail to work.

We apologize for any inconvenience that this issue has caused for our merchant websites.


Feb 13 2008 :: RSS Feedback Summary Feeds Now Available

An RSS feed has been created that enables merchants to display their average feedback rating along with the total number of feedback submissions received. This feed will suit site owners who wish to display their feedback summary within a side panel, alongside a SiteTrust Network Seal.

Full details along with sample implementation code can be found in the merchant area. Just click on Direct Feedback Feeds once you have logged in.

Don't hesitate to contact us should you require assistance setting up the feed.


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